Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

This Sunday: Danny Godinez

Guitarist/composer Danny Godinez has been a mainstay in the Seattle music scene for over a decade. He has played with a wide variety of musical figures including Carlos Santana, Jason Mraz, Tim Reynolds, and Johnny Lang. He has toured throughout Europe, Alaska, and the lower forty-eight, and is known for his inventive and inspiring solo shows.

For his Racer Sessions performance, he will be focusing on the more improvisational and exploratory side of his musical repertoire.  He will be playing steel string acoustic and utilizing an array of real-time looping, echo/reverb landscapes to discover a different sonic terrain.  imaginative fingerstyle and percussive textures compliment an altogether unique and fresh approach to the acoustic guitar. 


 Jam 1: Austin Larkin (Violin, Geoff Traeger (Drums), Aaron Otheim (Keys)

Jam 2: Luke Bergman (Bass), Ray Larsen (Trumpet), Ronan Delisle (Guitar), Larenzo Floyd (Drums)

Jam 3: Ray Larson (Trumpet), Tai Taitano (Drums), Jesse Botello (Bass), Mason Lynass (Keys), Tommy Ager (Trombone), Ian Mengedoht (Alto Sax)

Jam 4: Mason Lynass (Drums), Jesse Stout (Banjo), Bill Kautz (Trumpet), Anna Lenau (Keys)

Jam 5 (only partially recorded): Brianna Floyd (Banjo), Jim Knodle (Trumpet), Larenzo Floyd (Drums), Andrew Olmstead (Keys)

Jam 6: Tai Taitano (Drums), Ray Larsen (Trumpet), Brandon Herzberg (Keys), David Balatero (Bass)

Jam 7: Daniel Webbon (Drums), Aaron Otheim (Keys), Geoff Traeger (Bass)

Official Site: dannygodinez.com