Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Open Session

Happy New Year! We're kicking off 2016 with an open jam lasting the entire session. See you there!

Jam 1 -- Bill Kautz (Trumpet),  Mat Muntz (Upright Bass), Tom Campbell (Drums), Aaron Othiem (Keys)

Jam 2 -- Luke Woodle (Drums), Austin Larkin (Upright Bass), Andrew Olmstead (Keys), Noah Halpern (Trumpet)

Jam 3 -- Rubin Hohlbein (Trumpet), Luke Bergman (Bass), Colin Plancich (Drums)

Jam 4 -- Neil Welch (Sax), Ian Obermuller (Keys), Adam Kozie (Drums)

Jam 5 -- Tom Campbell (Drums), Dan Bullard (Keys)

Jam 6 -- Austin Larkin (Violin), Adam Kozie (Finger Piano/Mbira), Keeli McCarthy (Drums), Aaron Otheim (Keys)

Jam 7 -- Geoff Trager (Drums), Andrew Omstead (Keys), Mat Muntz (Bass), Marcin Paczkowski (Sax)

Jam 8 -- Olivia white (voice), Billy Kautz (trumpet) Luke Bergman (bass). Dio Jean-Baptiste (keyboard), Luke Woodle (Drums)

Jam 9 -- Aaron Otheim (Keys), Neil Welch (Sax), Brian Greggs (Drums)

Jam 10 -- Rubin Hohlbein (trumpet), Ryan Beckley (guitar), Marcin Paczkowski (Sax), Dio Jean-Baptiste (Drums)

Jam 11 -- Tom Campbell (Drums), Rubin Hohlbien (Trumpet)