Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Carol Weber - September 16, 2012


I am sad to say that since my original post, we have had the great sadness in our community of losing one of our beloved community members.  Saxophone player, and beautiful human Andrew Carrico passed away this week.  If you missed it, listen to the duo piece he played with drummer Thomas Campbell last week (*soon to be uploaded), and you will hear again magnificent waves of pure spirit and energy emanating from his being.  I will always be inspired by Andrew, and I am so grateful that I had to the chance to be exposed to his person, his creativity, and his friendship.  Andrew was going to play on this week’s Racer Session.  In his place, will stand Saxophone player Andrew Swanson, Jacob Zimmerman, and possibly a third who will pay tribute to Andrew Carrico.  Thank you Andrew Carrico for all you have shared with this community.  It will be forever changed because you have passed through it.  

In love,

Carol, and the Racer Sessions

* * * * *

Electric Body/White Hole

White Hole:

Noun  -  A hypothetical extremely dense celestial object that radiates enormous amounts of energy and matter.

(Merriam Webster)

* * * * *

I dream of singing with myself.  I was inspired to do so again recently while listening to solo cello by David Balatero.  I want my body to ring out in multiple pitches at once like that instrument can.  I want to grow with sound emanating from my being in a wave of pitches crashing all around me at once.  I want to grow more vocal chords.  The folds from which sound comes out of the human body looks like the place from which new life emerges from the human body.  (If you would care to witness this phenomenon, see the video link below.)  I want to emit life out of my vocal folds in the way a human would emerge from another human.     

The piece I’m curating is a growing of sounds like the creation of a body, or the beginnings of a universe.  I welcome you to join me as I move from a space of quiet to an eruption of life.  To achieve this, I will use technology to extend the boundaries of my voice from one voice emanating from my body, to many voices emanating from electronic equipment.  I will also utilize the voices from other bodies and their instruments:

* * * * *

Joining Me:

Abbey Blackwell

Jared Borkowski

Brandon Lucia

Andrew Carrico

* * * * *

For inspiration for the session, consider yourself to be a white hole.   Try it– for at least one piece.  See definition above.  See if your boundaries can extend beyond yourself.  If you have a loop pedal, bring it and use it.

Vocal Folds (While Singing) Video: