Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Chad Allen - November 18, 2012



To rise or cause to rise into the air in apparent defienace of gravity.

Levitation to me is an interesting concept for improvisation. Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with magic and illusion and the art of levitating. Music, and particularly improvised music, is to me the surest door to experience that magical feeling of levitation, when the players really get going, I feel light, free, and floating, just like I am levitating! Tonight for the Racer Session we will attempt to conjure, with our energized playing, and the help of improv games, this wonderful feeling of lightness and levitation through sound and music!

Improv Games

Game pieces are a set of rules, or instructions given to the players as a frame in which to improvise. Tonight, these are some the games we will be playing! Everyone is encouraged to bring instruments to participate after the initial group demonstrates how the games work to all!

Pass It Around:
First Person Plays a phrase, next responds, untill everyone has responded TO THE PERSON BEFORE THEM, not necesarrily the first person. The initial player than repeats the first phrase. I will conduct who plays first and who next, so be prepared!

Players partner up. I pick a player to play a phrase, their partner responds to the phrase, and the first player responds back, like a conversation! To make it more fun, I will start and stop partner groups at random, so each group must not only listen to each other, but to whom ever else may be playing at any given time!

Sounds Around You:
Designated Player secretly picks an object or person in the room, and than plays sounds to emulate the object. Other players attempt to guess what is being emulated.

Each player is given an emotion they must express with their playing.

The group is given a scene they must ‘act’ out through playing.