Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Christian Pincock - February 23, 2014

For this week’s Racer Session, I’m excited to present short compositions which use a new notation system I’m currently developing. This system uses simple, easy to write iconic symbols (much like a dingbat computer font which contains symbols instead of letters) to represent musical concepts and fundimental musical elements. I have modified a font to include these symbols so that they can be typed along with written English instructions into a piece of music. 

I have endeavored to create a notation system which can be fully integrated into standard music notation. For example, a piece could be written mostly in standard notation using a few of the symbols to create transitions or slight development, or a piece could be written mostly using these symbols and only using standard notation to convey motivic ideas to be developed using these symbols. As I develop this system, I’m also creating standards for the formating of the of the notation, specifically using Finale notation software.

In the 3 months, durring which I have been working in earnest on this project, I have found many uses for this notation system and the concepts the symbols represent including composition, practice, compositional planning, teaching and conversation. As this language continues to develop, I’m sure new applications will be discovered.


Short pieces using CPP Notation will be played by these performers:
Gus Carns, Levi Gillis, Patrick Ketter, Carmen Rothwell, Evan Woodle, and myself.

For the open session which follows, I will ask each group to improvise with particular musical concepts from this symbolic language.
Christian’s web site: www.ChristianPincock.net