Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Geoff Traeger - December 28, 2014

For the curated portion of this week racer sessions, I’ll be providing prerecorded and spontaneously created rhythmic loops to guide improvisation. Players should focus on repetition, groove and density. Leave plenty of room!”

Improv 1: Geoff Traeger (bass, loops, electronics), Luke Bergman (bass), Evan Woodle (drums), Austin Larkin (violin)

Improv 2: Geoff Traeger, Chris Venegas (drums), Aaron Otheim (keyboard), Neil Welch (soprano sax), Daniel Onufer (guitar), David Nicholson (clarinet)

Improv 3: Geoff Traeger, Daniel Onufer (drums), Jade Tcimpidis (bass), Dio Jean-Baptiste (keyboard)

Improv 4: Geoff Traeger, Evan Woodle (drums), Luke Bergman (bass), Austin Larkin (violin), Aaron Otheim (keyboard)

Improv 5: Geoff Traeger, David Nicholson (clarinet), Noah Halpern (trumpet), Bob Bruya (bass), Tim Miller (drums)

Improv 6: Dio Jean-Baptiste (keyboard), Jacob Zimmerman (alto sax), Sophia Clarke (flute), Austin Larkin (violin)

Improv 7: Neil Welch (soprano sax and drums), Daniel Onufer (guitar), Tim Miller (bass)

Improv 8: Evan Woodle (drums), Tim Miller (percussion), Jade Tcimpidis (bass), Ryan Beckley (guitar), Aaron Otheim (keyboard), David Nicholson (alto sax)

Improv 9: Tim Miller (bass), Luke Bergman (bass), Chris Venegas (drums)

Improv 10: Austin Larkin (drums), Dio Jean-Baptiste (drums), Noah Halpern (trumpet), Bob Bruya (bass)

Improv 11: Geoff Traeger (bass), Daniel Onufer (drums), Chris Venegas (percussion), Luke Bergman (keyboard), David Nicholson (alto sax), Dio Jean-Baptiste (voice)