Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Inge Chiles - November 30, 2014


     I came to Seattle from Springfield, Missouri on the 4th of July this Summer. I originally heard about Racer sessions a few years ago via the Table and Chairs network, via the band Heatwarmer, via an old friend.

     I was a fan of many bands in this scene (many of whom came out of RS) for a long time before I decided to move here. Being in this community of musical thinkers (or thoughtful music-ers) has inspired me in countless ways.

     My curation was originally supposed to take place around Halloween, and at the session the week prior I put out a box and requested people to write down their fears on paper provided, put the slip in the box, and I would compose pieces based on their emotions. Unfortunately, I had a horrible head cold the weekend I was meant to perform these pieces. My session was rescheduled for this weekend- only to find my throat incredibly sore from over-singing (I have been making extensive demos for my solo project, ings, as I will be recording in less than 2 weeks). Just my luck!

     In lieu of prior plans, I have decided to conduct an open session, curating each jam with a prompt, specific instructions in one sentence or less, which will be drawn out of a box. These prompts will also be visible to the audience throughout the piece. Some of these prompts will be based on the fears placed in my box a month ago, and some will be more generally related to my understanding of improvised music. And, some of them will just be wacky.

     If you have always wanted to play but were afeared to, this is the session for you. I seek to create an environment in which all can contribute and have fun. I will be listening with an open heart and look forward to hearing you, all of us, together!