Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Jared Borkowski - June 19th, 2011

My thoughts are like a bird pecking at the ground. I don’t want to be comfortable because I am unaware. I want to come to terms with everything as it is. To truly address being alive. Stopping and thinking. You can’t run from the bigger picture. To get caught up in one’s own matters and to see nothing but a task at hand is most dangerous for one’s well being and for the state of all things. If the state of all things is simply a relative perception, then “tunnel vision” is destructive for the entire universe. Recovering from the tunnel vision, the narrow view of your own two hands right in front of your face, is a shock to the system and thoroughly exhausting. Over time, repeated trips back and forth deteriorate the spirit. 

Without a constant and conscious awareness that my own matters are a minuscule sliver of all things, I believe that I am rather doomed. That connection keeps you safe. How jolting it is to go in and out of the moment. Two planes of existence; two planes of attention… of existential perspective. One is dynamic and is always moving, while the other is a gigantic never changing foundation, stable, strong, comforting, reliable… reminding us of the context from which the dynamic layer really comes - the layer that you usually think you are living in. 

I don’t tell the music what it’s about, the music tells me what I’m about. Same with the post. 

I like some music that is rhythmically driving and simple, yet tonally challenging and dissonant. This is much of what I have tried to accomplish from my contribution to Operation ID. Here are a few examples of pieces that I enjoy which have a driving or repetitive background with “weird shit” on top.  

David Bowie: Aladin Sane(“out” piano starts at about 2 minutes in) 


Aphex Twin: Funny Little Man


Derek Bailey and DJ Ninj


At one time, I was quite dedicated to electronic music and electronic dance music. I was also obsessed with dancing… this was about ten years ago. Here is a video of me pulling out some ingrained “rave dancing” moves during an OpID rehearsal. 


My dear friend, Geoffrey Kirkwood, is thoroughly invested in listening to EDM and house music. His enthusiasm has reinvigorated my interest in this genre. Here is a solid track to check out.  

Sweat (On The Walls)


For the session, Geoff and I have composed an array of electronic dance beats which will be mixed live by my DJ older brother, Ben. The beats are intentionally lacking any pitches so that Racer Session improvisors can play over them. Starting at 8pm, I will perform a composition with the help of some talented musical companions. The piece will be played atop said dance beats. The performance will transition seamlessly into improvisations as I encourage new improvisors to sub in, switching up the personnel on stage. The beats will never stop. They are always there, improvisors or not. Racer Session attendees are welcome to go up and improvise over the beats at will, drummers included. This will last the whole two hours. 

Joining me: 

Geoff Kirkwood on live drums.

Geoff and I had a poppy rock band called the Spit-Licks from the ages of about eleven years old to twenty. Here is a track from that band recorded in 2003. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5319154/racer%20post%20content/02%20Dravus%27%20Diagnosis.m4aHe just recently moved back to Seattle after living in DC for several years. 

Carol Weber - A talented singer who needs to be heard more. 

Her band, Mouce Manouche, played at the Conor Byrne on Saturday and they sounded great. Here is their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mouce-Manouche/191261104221092

Maria Mannisto - Bad ass singer: http://mariamannisto.com/

Maria and I have been working together on a new pop band project recently that I am really excited about. Geoff is playing drums in that group as well.  

Ben Borkowski - My DJ and graphic designer brother: http://visionarylabs.com/.

Cypris of Exuro will be spinning fire in the alley during my piece! She’s awesome: http://exuro.org/

As well, there will be a looped digital video projected on the ceiling of Racer for the entire session. 

video credits:

Lauren Imbrock

‘Skyscape,’ digital video, 2011

See you Sunday!

(header photo by David Balatero)