Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Jargon - April 8, 2012


Jargon is a collective quartet focusing on original composition. On April 8th we will be presenting a set of of all original material at Cafe Racer. These compositions utilize melody, harmony, and form. Each serves as a parameter which we improvise within as soloists and as an ensemble.

Jargon is interested in exploring: 

  1. The relationship between improvisation within the parameters of composition. How improvisation is dictated by the composition.
  2. Improvisation occurs as a compositional tool.
  3. Even when improvisation is void of harmony or meter, it still serves the composition.
  4. To achieve absolute improvisational freedom within the parameter of composition.

One of our collective inclinations revolves around an affinity for the way improvisation exists over structured form. There is a unique effect when convergence and divergence occurs in improvisation over a form. "Form,“ being anything that exists as a harmonic or rhythmic structure or a composition. For the jam portion of the evening, we encourage the participants to improvise within the confinements of form or structure.

Examples of structure or form could be:

  • "Note pools”- a select number of notes that create or define a composition.
  • “Rhythmic structure”- Groove, an ostinato, repetition.
  • “Cued structure”- cues in new chord changes, cues into altered feel changes, cues into _____
  • “Foreshadowing”- Hinting at an idea or motif that will occur later.
  • “Textural contrast”- Presto versus fermata, pianissimo versus fortissimo, velcro versus glue.
  • A written composition (original, a standard, etc…)
  • The possibilities are endless!!


Bryan Smith || Saxophone

Gregg Belisle- Chi || Guitar

Isaac Castillo || Bass

Max Wood || Drums