Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Natalie Hall - February 5th, 2012


I read somewhere that the humans have a tendency to turn judgments into law or pertaining to religion, judgments into divine commands.  All too often, I will listen to string players on the radio or in a live performance, I am bugged by what I perceive is a flaw.  Whether it is intonation, tone or technique, the flaw immediately clouds and classifies my listening experience as not satisfactory and I fail to actually hear the music.  I would like my Racer session to be void of judgment.  The music should stand alone. 

I invite the audience to close their eyes and listen to the beautiful harmonies and bizarre tones that are being created and to feel the relationship between the players.  For those jamming, I want you to listen to each other.  Once you fully comprehend the other musicians, you may comment.  These jams should be treated like chamber music or a conversation.  So if you cannot hear what the other players are saying, you need to play softer or turn down.  Blasting away and second guessing yourself will be strictly forbidden. 

I will play Grāmata čellam (Book for solo cello) by Pēteris Vasks. 

Hugs, Natalie


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