Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Peter Freeman - January 11, 2015

Peter performed three original, untitled pieces of his that are currently in progress.

Improv 1 (Imagine You’ve Been Playing for 24 Hours Straight): Austin Larkin (violin), David Nicholson (clarinet), Thomas Campbell (drums)

Improv 2 (All One Sound): Ian Mengedoht (alto sax), Brandon Herzberg (guitar), Aaron Otheim (keyboard)

Improv 3: Neil Welch (tenor sax), Daniel Webbon (drums), Andy Clausen (trombone), Andrew Olmstead (keyboard)

Improv 4 (“think of a scene from your favorite musical”): Janna Webbon (violin), Dio Jean-Baptiste (drums), Luke Bergman (bass), Justin Salisbury (keyboard), Jacob Zimmerman (alto sax), Inge Chiles (voice)

Improv 5: Bill Kautz (euphonium), David Nicholson (alto sax), Bryan Lineberry (alto sax), John Karwoski (drums)

Improv 6: Ian Mengedoht (alto sax), Michelle Hutchinson (drums), Carol Weber (voice), Peter Freeman (keyboard)

Improv 7 (“Bertha”): Evan Woodle (drums), David Nicholson (alto sax), Ryan Beckley (guitar), Paul Matthew Moore (keyboard)

Improv 8: Bryan Lineberry (alto sax), Andrew Olmstead (keyboard), Brandon Herzberg (guitar), Connor Apperson (drums)

Improv 9: Dio Jean-Baptiste (recorder), David Nicholson (clarinet), Aaron Otheim (keyboard), John Broback (guitar), Geoff Traeger (drums)