Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Rhys Tivey - September 7, 2014

Cafe Racer was closed this Sunday, so we took the music to the streets and met in the median at NE Ravenna Blvd and Roosevelt Way NE. The trees, traffic, and other environs affected the music as New York City trumpeter, composer, and vocalist Rhys Tivey was joined by local drummer Chris Icasiano for a few deeply meditative improvisations.

For the curation, a protocol for entering and exiting each improvisation was used. The musicians and listeners would briefly meditate beforehand to heighten the awareness of themselves and the surrounding environment. Individuals would then choose a single word to color their experience of the ensuing improvisation. Afterwards a few volunteers recalled their experience. For the following session, elements of this protocol were applied to each improvisation.
“I offer this protocol because I’m interested in how the location of our awareness and the thoughts and emotions that arise while improvising are often passed over in favor of trying to recall an objective opinion of the music as a separate entity. Alternatively, I think all of the thoughts and visions that occur while improvising are truly integral (even if unheard) elements in the creation and perception of the music.”
Improv 1: Austin Larkin (record player), S. Eric Scribner (keyboard and bowls), Julio Lopez (violin), Neil Welch (tenor sax.)
Improv 2: Daniel Webbon (drums), Janna Webbon (violin), Jacob Kriegi (alto sax.), Henry Sparks (trombone), Ian Tracy Gwin (alto sax.), Andrew Olmstead (keyboard), S. Eric Scribner (bowls)
Improv 3: Tim Miller (drums), Katie Levine (keyboard), Anna White (violin), Matt Setzler (alto sax.), S. Eric Scribner (tree branch, dulcimer, bowls, road sign), Levi Gillis (tenor sax.), David Balatero (cello), Ray Larsen (trumpet)
Improv 4: Daniel Zwelling (drums), Julio Lopez (violin), Dio Jean-Baptiste (keyboard)
Improv 5: Ian Tracy Gwin (alto sax.), Brandon Lucia (drums), Neil Welch (tenor sax.), David Balatero (cello)
Improv 6: Brennan Carter (trumpet), Ray Larsen (trumpet), Ryan Beckley (e. guitar), Jacob Kriegi (alto sax.), Henry Sparks (trombone), Katie Levine (keyboard), Chris Icasiano (drums), Levi Gillis (tenor sax.)
Improv 7: Mark Setzler (alto sax.), Dio Jean-Baptiste (drums), Andrew Olmstead (keyboard)
Improv 8: Rhys Tivey (trumpet), Chris Icasiano (drums), Tim Miller (drums), Austin Larkin (violin)