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Hines / Zemanovic Duo - December 29, 2013


looping as a composition / improvisation device…dynamic shifts and the use of motifs…illusion of composition

The Band:

The Hines / Zemanovic Duo (featuring guitarist Cliff Hines and drummer G Maxwell Zemanovic) is an experimental rock band based out of New Orleans, LA. Their freeform style of performance defies convention, but while it is improvised, sounds at times entirely scripted. Because Hines is the only melodic instrument in the band, he uses a loop pedal to layer parts and create full sounding compositions. He and Zemanovic will discuss the technique of using looping as a composition / improvisation device and talk about other techniques (such as communication of dynamic shifts and the use of motifs) that allow them to create the illusion of composition.

Video Clips:

About the Performers:

Cliff Hines and G Maxwell Zemanovic frequently tour the country as part of the progressive indie rock outfit “Cliff and Sasha” (formerly titled: The Cliff Hines Band). Throughout 2012, Hines toured with The Mike Dillon Band as their bassist/guitarist/keyboardist, and was featured on their debut release Urn.Zemanovic is also the drummer for singer songwriter Andrew Duhon and Boston-based instrumental rock band Choose to Find.