Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

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This Sunday: Evan Woodle Performs "Nth"

Tonight, we're delighted to feature drummer Evan Woodle as he delivers an encore performance of his new composition "Nth."

Several of the improvisations were guided by ideas provided by Evan that were derived from his solo piece.

Improv 1 (Create a sense of spaciousness by using density): Neil Welch (tenor sax), Ronan Delisle (guitar), Austin Larkin (violin)
Improv 2 (Determine an order of players, then use that order to take turns playing one note at a time): Luke Bergman (bass), Christian Pincock (trombone), Tai Taitano (drums), Aaron Otheim (keyboard)
Improv 3 (Play with time signatures and tempos independent of each other): Noel Kennon (guitar), Nicole Crisosto (drums), Ryan Beckley (guitar), Brandon Herzberg (keyboard)
Improv 4 (Take turns playing melodically): Neil Welch (alto sax), Gianni Aranoff (tenor sax), Jeremy Gonzales (alto sax)
Improv 5 (Create a sense of spaciousness by using density): Christian Pincock (trombone), Austin Larkin (violin), Dio Jean-Baptiste (drums)
Improv 6: Ivan Arteaga (alto sax), Max Benoit (bass), Katie Jacobson (voice), Nick Rogstad (trombone), Jim (guitar), Tai Taitano (drums)
Improv 7: Inge Chiles (voice), Ronan Delisle (guitar), Gianni Aranoff (tenor sax)
Improv 8: Ryan Beckley (guitar), Evan Woodle (drums), Ivan Arteaga (alto sax), Gianni Aranoff (tenor sax)