Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

This Sunday: Open Session

No scheduled performer tonight—just jams from 8-10. Visuals artists are especially invited to come hang and create on-the-spot with the improvising musicians tonight!

Jam 1 : Paul Matthew Moore (Keys), Max Benoit (Bass). Daniel Webbon (Drums), John Broback (Guitar)

Jam 2: Andrew Olmstead (keys), Christian Pincock (Trombone), Geoff Treager (Drums)

Jam 3: John Broback (Guitar), Daniel Onufer (Drums), Madeline Franks (Keys)

Jam 4: Katie Levine (keys), Tom Campbell (Drums), Janna Webbon (Voice),

Jam 5: Dio (Drums), Max Benoit (Bass), Geoff Treager (Voice Effects)

Jam 6: Tai Taitano (Drums), Schuyler Asplin (Trumpet), Daniel Salka (Keys),  Brendan McGovern (Tenor Sax), Ian Mengedoht (Alto Sax)

Jam 7: Andrew Olmstead (Keys), Tom Campbell (Drums), Colton Foster (Bassoon), Simon Henneman (Guitar)

Jam 8: Paul Matthew Moore (Drums), Daniel Webbon (Keys), Dio (Trumpet)

Jam 9: Nicole Crisosto (Drums), Max Benoit (Bass), Brendan McGovern (Tenor Sax)

Jam 10: Tom Campbell (Drums), Geoff Treager (Voice Effects), Colton Foster (Bassoon), Schuyler Asplin (Trumpet), Inge Chiles (Voice)

Jam 11: Ray Larsen (Trumpet), Simon Henneman (Guitar), Daniel Salka (Keys)