Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

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This Sunday: Straighthorn

Straighthorn: the music of Billy Strayhorn for 4 soprano saxophones. Brad Linde (DC) leads this ensemble in interpreting Strayhorn's music using experimental/free improv/avant grade and extended techniques.

The ensemble was created to celebrate Strayhorn's centennial, which occurs this year in November. Personnel are Kate Olson, Pat Booth (Traverse City, MI), Brad Linde, and a local soprano player from wherever the group performs. 

Jam 1 - Aaron Otheim (Keys), Ivan Arteaga (Sax), John Harrison (Drums)

Jam 2 - Dio Jean-Baptiste (Drums), Ivan Arteaga (sax), Geoff Traeger (Voice Phone)

Jam 3 - Andrew Olmstead (Keys), Patrick Booth (Soprano Sax), Keeli McCarthy (Drums)

Jam 4 - Katie Jacobson  (Voice), Max Benoit (Bass), Scott Allan (Drums), Marcin Paczkowski (Sax)

Jam 5 - Ivan Arteaga (sax), Patrick Booth (Soprano Sax), John Harrison (Drums), Brad Linde (Soprano Sax)

Jam 6 - Geoff Treaga (Drums), Max Benoit (Bass), Dio Jean-Baptiste (Keys)

Jam 7 - Aaron Otheim (Keys), Patrick Booth (Soprano Sax), Scott Allan (Bass), Brad Linde (Drums)

Jam 8 - Andrew Olmstead (Keys), Marcin Paczkowski (Sax), Dio Jean-Baptiste (Drums)

Jam 9 -  Daniel Webbon (Drums), Geoff Treager (Voice & Phone Effects), Katie Jacobson (Voice)

Jam 10 - Brad Linde (Soprano Sax), Patrick Booth (Soprano Sax)