Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

This Sunday: Wiener Kids (Bay Area), Elk Paauw & Friends

Our ongoing kinship with the Bay Area's creative music scene brings Wiener Kids up north as part of their present West Coast tour. We are also excited to host concurrently a group of visual artists organized by illustrator Elk Paauw, who will be drawing and painting in realtime in response to Wiener Kids' opening set as well as the jam session.

About Wiener Kids

Brain child of drummer/composer Jordan Glenn, Wiener Kids is The Bay Area's premier bizarro saxophones/drums trio.

In 2007, with help from saxophonists Aram Shelton and Cory Wright, Wiener Kids formed within the deep recesses of Oakland's rich experimental/free-jazz/improv community.  Approaching their 10th year as a group, they continue to straddle the line between the profound and whimsical.

In addition to reeds and drums, the band has incorporated percussive sounds from near and far played by all members. Objects/instruments include home-made contraptions as well as gongs, tin cans, bundt pans, chromatic cowbells, triangles, car springs, vibraphone, glockenspiels, and various whistles, drums and bells.

The music is inspired by small dogs, old bikes, muppets, cheap Halloween decorations, babies with glasses and other wiener kids. Virtually indescribable, it's music made by ex/current weaklings for everyone!

1. Andrew Olmstead - keyboard, Austin Larken - violin, John Harrison - drums

2. Jeremy Gonzales - sax, Joe Hay - violin, Jordan Glenn - drums, Cory Wright - clarinet

3. Janna Webbon - violin, Christian Pincock - trombone, Thomas Campell - drums, Aram Shelton - bass clarinet, Katie Levine - keyboard

4. Dio Jean-Baptiste - drums, Max Benoit - keyboard

5. Matt Crane - drums, Travis Fisher - keyboard, Simon Heneman - guitar

6. Andrew Olmstead - keyboard, Daniel Webbon - drums, Marcin Pączkowski - sax