Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

A Consecutive Sequence


(drummer) Dio Jean-Baptist and (alto saxophoner) Bryan Lineberry’s group, A Consecutive Sequence, hope to opposite convey things like boredom, intellectualizing music, perfection, and stoic posturing. By relying on simple, thoughtful musical ideas that have gone through thorough laboratory testing, they spring from those and loosely improvised formats to attempt bridging the gap between the challenging and the inescapably enjoyable. Their key is repetition and sonic textures. Drill your good feelings (or any feeling) into your body. This is starting to sound like a DJ set, isn’t it? Maybe it is! No, it’s not.

They will probably sweat and possibly pass out, so that could be cool.

For the improvisers of the remainder of the curated set, the idea is to practice being rhythmic in the style of hammering in an idea that feels good until you absolutely must part from it, and then come back to it after whatever, and repeat as many times as necessary in slight variation from each other. Limit your need to escape repetition and instead embrace it with musicality.

Simple complexity. Or is it complex simplicity? Or maybe simply complex? No, that one’s wrong. Pretty sure it’s simple complexity.

Oh yeah, here’s some obviously new website stuff we, I mean they, launched:



Email: aconsecutivesequence@gmail.com