Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Jen Gilleran and GRID - August 4, 2012


Welcome back, Café Racer. I feel so honored to be given another opportunity to curate a Racer Session. Thank you.

I’ve played in bands, committing myself to a songwriter’s vision, looking for moments of freedom in parts I have played a hundred times. No mistakes, no surprises. GRID came along as an invitation to fuck up with the right people. An invitation to learn that in order to lead one has to be willing to make mistakes – endless mistakes. GRID is a musical social experiment wherein ideas are abundant and I edit with hand signals. I’ve jumped in too soon and sometimes not soon enough. I’ve learned how to see beyond my instrument, beyond what I was taught it can and cannot do and that often by leaving an element of the instrument aside I can break out of stagnancy. GRID is always a work in progress that requires patience and kindness in order to get the best and the most real from everyone. Each performance shapes the next one, so this week I’d like to experiment with an awareness of time. The first 6 pieces will be 4 minutes separated by silence. Gregg Keplinger/Sean Lane/Erica Carlson/Andrew Rudd/CJ Stout/Joe Malcomb/Neil Welch and me, Jen Gilleran. Thanks for listening!