Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Kate Olson & Naomi Siegel - March 18, 2012


Committing to the creative process.

As professional musicians receiving an overflow of input working in this city, we can easily lose sight of our own individual creative processes.  We both play in multiple bands and teach a plethora of students, and while these experiences are inspiring in their own right and serve as mediums for our artistic sensibility, we feel the necessity to place more value on our own artistic journeys. This session serves as a call for us all to be committed to our own creative process. 

We play music to be present, to create transformative experiences, to achieve a meditative quieting of our internal monologues.  We play music for the artistry of it, because it is expressive, raw and beautiful.  When we create music with presence of mind, that music is transcendent. 

While the creative process certainly includes the playing of music, it also includes how you engage with life and inspiration and struggle and practice both in music-making and outside of it.  

What are you doing to nurture your artistic development?

“Why am I a musician?  Well, I kind of want to change the world” – Kate Olson

“The most holy of human rights is the right to art.” – José Antonio Abreu