Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Realization Orchestra - March 25, 2012



We were very pleased with the results of the Pungent Blast-themed Racer Session that we curated when we last played in Seattle this past July, so we’ve decided this time around to focus our attention on a more slippery yet similarly crucial aspect of music improvisation…

1. We ask everyone to consider the inherently theatrical aspects of improvised music in a live performance setting, with an emphasis on the physical gesture and how it corresponds to its sonic residual.

2. We encourage the creative application of movement, lighting, artifice, ritual, spectacle, and other means of attaining unimpeded out-of-body experiences that enhance music improvisation performance, enabling both the individual and the ensemble to soar beyond the restraining forces of ideology and identity.

3. We will begin the evening with a performance of our newest long-form composition, A WAY IN, which utilizes visual uniformity, ritualistic collective action, lighting effects, and a multitude of creative approaches to improvisation that keep the structure of the composition in a perpetually evolving state. We will also be performing our full set the next evening, Monday, March 26 at The Josephine, and our vinyl and merchandise will be available on sale at both events.

4. Thank you to everyone in the Racer Sessions improvisers’ community for honoring us with this opportunity once again!