Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Max Wood - May 26, 2013



For this curation, I am presenting three original pieces that draw influence from the three places I have called home during my life thus far; North Carolina, New York City, and Seattle. A fourth piece will be a group improvisation to reflect the current moment and setting. In certain spaces, I will be exploring the statement of melody on the drums, which has been a focus of mine almost since I began playing the instrument. Being that drums are often perceived as non-tonal instruments (especially in a drum set configuration), and drummers are essentially put into the realm of approximation when playing melodically, I’ve been exploring ways to express the essence of melody in a more lyric sense; i.e. even though I may be working with 4 pitches, can I suggest enough through my playing that more may be perceived? A listener may not exactly be able to sing back what is played in a conventional way, but most importantly, it’s a hope that the intent will be clear.

Joining me for this performance are Gregg Belisle-Chi on guitar and Carmen Rothwell on bass. Gregg & Carmen are two of my closest musical companions and they keep me constantly intrigued by the way they express themselves through music.

For the open session, my suggestion is that you interpret places you’ve lived through musical language.  This could be in a solo or a group setting.  For instance, if you’ve shared memorable experiences, moments in time, or environments together with others who are in attendance, have a go at interpreting those things musically.  If you’re coming to the session with other music or concepts in mind, that’s absolutely fair game as well.