Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Nick Rogstad - April 7, 2013


I find composition a complex and rewarding challenge. So, I composed some pieces. In these pieces, I tried to create a very thematically unified whole, something that I have found elusive when I’ve composed before. I wanted to create thematic and motivic clarity that endures through a whole composition. With this as my aim, I wrote two pieces for two different instrumentations that hopefully display this intent.

First Thing:

This is a trombone quartet I wrote. It features some real kickass classical trombone player friends of mine, and I think if nothing else it should sound pleasant.

Second Thing:

This is a song. It switches between a duet for tenor sax and trombone to being a duet for tenor sax and voice. It exists in a fairly simple harmonic zone. What I wanted to do is unveil a simple theme at a very deliberate pace. The melodic development is hopefully also mirrored by the lyrical development.

For the Jams: My pieces for the curation in general have very specific harmonies but that isn’t necessary for the jams. Rather, my hope would be a renewed focus on developing a piece using all the tools at our disposal, including melodically and harmonically. This seems to get more difficult the larger the ensemble, so I think it would be good to set a limit of 4 people in a group.


Trombone Quartet:

                Masa Ohtake, trombone

                Sam Elliot, trombone

                Jon Wilson, bass trombone


                Levi Gillis, tenor sax